vortisoar said: I was visiting the Dan Harmon tag when I noticed your incredulity at Winger wearing the light blue sweater and khakis. It was very jarring for me to see him in that outfit, but did you know it was a reference to Steve McQueen's famous bike scene in The Great Escape? Makes it slightly more forgivable since its such a kickass movie.

Ohhhhh, did not know it was a reference! Fair enough then…
Thanks for letting me know ^_^.

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It’s a beautiful day! and I don’t have to work! So I’ve decided to sit in my bedroom alone with all the lights off reading Dan Harmon quotes, looking at Perfume .gifs, and listening to Comedy Bang! Bang! podcasts on the internet.

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Community cast evaluation with Dan Harmon & Gillian Jacobs.

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Me like two weeks ago: Yaaaaaaay!! Community got a 4th seasonnnnn, I’m so stoked for Dan Harmon!! His 4 year vision for his story is coming to light!! So exciting it’s going to be so gooooood!

Me last night: God dammit!! Dan Harmon basically has nothing to do with Community anymore???? Fuck this, they should’ve ended it this year then. CHEVY CHASE, YOU’RE OVERRATED. aaauughghghhg ahhah wah wah wah cry cry cry this sux.

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what am I supposed to do now that all the tv shows are done for the season? go outside? experience new things?? ughhhhh

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Community meets Calvin and Hobbes.



Community meets Calvin and Hobbes.


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